Nate Wilson

Guide and Photographer

In Oregon, we’re incredibly lucky to have access to diverse landscapes. Our state boasts natural beauty from the high desert to the Pacific Coast. As a wilderness guide and professional photographer, I regularly experience our state’s natural wonders. My community of guides and photographers is a growing one. We experience firsthand the economic benefits of preserving some of our beautiful places.

My appreciation for Oregon’s outdoors extends beyond financial security for my family. The available opportunity for hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and the accompanying quality of life that these activities provide is nearly beyond comparison.

It may seem, in a state as large as our own, that there will always be open spaces to enjoy. But there are some places that are simply too valuable to leave to chance. The Owyhee Canyonlands is one of those. As our great state grows, and development creeps into even more remote corners, we must seize the opportunity at hand. We need to act now and leave some places as they are so that future generations can know and enjoy the Oregon that we have now.

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