Alex Carr-Frederick

Business Owner

Oregon’s natural beauty is what drew my husband and me here 14 years ago. We picked Brookings, population 6,336, as the place to settle and eventually launch our dream business – a microbrewery. We like the close-knit fabric of small towns and felt we could enjoy an amazing quality of life here, largely due to the state’s outstanding public lands.

Today our business, Chetco Brewing Company, employs nine people. We support local charities and care deeply about the legacy we leave in our community.

Protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands could likewise ensure a quality of life boost for southeastern Oregon that draws people who want to invest in and be part of their communities.

I continue to admire how Oregonians recognize the importance of taking future generations into consideration when making land use decisions. I urge us all to choose a future in which the Owyhee Canyonlands remains unmarred by unwise development, protected in a way that supports local communities and future generations.

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