Tillamook County, Oregon

Bob Rees


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I am a sixth-generation Oregonian. My family’s roots here in Oregon go deep and wide. For me, I’ve chosen to make my home on the wet side of our state, in the temperate rainforests of the coast. I have salt in my face more days than not. As a professional fishing guide on the north Oregon coast, I am incredibly privileged to make my living doing what I love most and sharing that with others from all over the world.

I never take for granted the opportunities afforded me by the bounty the Pacific Ocean offers. Nor do I take for granted the bounty afforded to us by our state’s high desert. My grandfather grew up in the high desert, passing down to me an understanding as to why this land is rich in its own right. I treasure the access to abundant deer, elk and wild turkey to pursue in Oregon’s high desert, including the Owyhee Canyonlands.

Here, I get to see an incredibly diverse landscape that we don’t have on the coast. And with this diversity of landscape comes other incredible opportunities for a sportsman like myself. This place boasts one of the largest herds of California bighorn sheep in the nation and is rich with birds and elk to hunt as well. Hunting, fishing, camping and hiking in this environment is an important part of my annual routine.

Without long-term protections for the Owyhee, there is no long-term guarantee that I’ll get to live the kind of life I want as a lifelong Oregonian or the kind of life I want for my daughter. It’s our turn to thrive. Protect the Owyhee Canyonlands, and thrive we will.

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