Linn County, Oregon

Carey Dixon


Carey 1I was born and raised in Oregon, and while growing up my family went east when we wanted to get outside. I learned to hunt deer, elk and antelope in eastern Oregon’s rolling sagebrush hills, and my dad and I fished high desert rivers for redband trout. Today, it’s still where I go to hunt, fish, camp and explore.

Among all the wonderful places in eastern Oregon, the Owyhee Canyonlands is simply exceptional. The scenery and solitude are reasons enough for protecting this place. But as an avid sportsman, a region as intact and filled with wildlife as the Owyhee is irreplaceable. I don’t want to see it carved up by overuse or development. Someday, I hope to hunt and fish with my children in the Owyhee. If we act soon, we’ll be able to preserve these opportunities for future generations.

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