Benton County, Oregon

Jesse Laney


Jesse LaneyAs a student and professional in the fields of wildlife science and natural resource management, I recognize the importance of the Owyhee Canyonlands for the habitat it contains. As a father, I understand the importance of passing this incredible place onto my children.

When I look down hundreds of feet below into precipitous depths upon a silvery ribbon of water, reflecting starlight from some of the darkest skies left in the contiguous U.S., I’m left with a sense of wonder that seems so evasive in many of our modern lives. Yet these lands also hold equally substantial values for nearby communities and people throughout Oregon. They provide a multitude of recreational opportunities for sportsmen, backpackers, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking the kind of solace only found in backcountry places. Counted among the treasures contained within the canyonlands are spectacular and unique geologic wonders as well as heritage sites from early western settlers and indigenous peoples.

This incomparable, sacred place deserves powerful and lasting protections so that Oregonians can enjoy it for generations to come.

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