Wild For The Owyhee

The Owyhee Canyonlands of southeastern Oregon is a national treasure but lacks permanent protection. Across the state and country, thousands of people are joining together to save its irreplaceable lands, water and wildlife for future generations.

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Bill Cross

Health Care

As a lifelong river runner and health care professional, I treasure wild rivers and remote canyons, not only for the opportunity to journey through spectacular natural areas, but also for the well-being and healing they can impart. As a...


David Johns


I have Oregon roots, through and through. My mother grew up on a strawberry farm. I grew up playing in a Willamette Valley woods that no longer exists, bulldozed for a subdivision. One of my brothers lived in Halfway...

I am Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) and Anishinaabe (Algonquin indigenous first nations). I was born, raised, and lived most of my adult life in Hawaii. I was a chef in Hawaii, so when I moved to Oregon six years...

I was born in Ontario, Oregon shortly after the War. My grandpa started the Ontario Laundry in 1910, which my dad took over in 1955 and sold in 1980. We all loved the outdoors — camping, hunting, fishing, hiking....


Bob Rees


I am a sixth-generation Oregonian. My family’s roots here in Oregon go deep and wide. For me, I’ve chosen to make my home on the wet side of our state, in the temperate rainforests of the coast. I have...

Thirty years ago I rode my bicycle across the U.S. and discovered Eastern Oregon’s natural beauty. I was struck by the untouched vastness of it all. I made the choice to live here and devote my life to teaching...

Ernie Jones 2_Crop

Ernest Jones


I moved to Oregon two decades ago, drawn in part by its astounding natural areas. I had the opportunity to live all over the state – Klamath Falls, Union, Blue River – before settling down in Portland. And very...

Sandy & llamas

Sandra Van Liew

Farming Family

My farming family has been in Morrow County since the 1880s. I have continued the family tradition and tend to sheep and llamas. My family’s deep-rooted farming tradition has taught me the importance of protecting private working land as...

I’m a lifelong Oregonian, and I can honestly say that my favorite part of Oregon is the Owyhee Canyonlands. As a landscape photographer, the vastness, light and geology is absolutely amazing. During my first visit to the Owyhee, I...


Naseem Rakha


My first trip to the Owyhee Canyonlands left me dumbstruck. As a geologist, the region’s stunning formations were reminiscent of the Colorado Plateau, labyrinths of rock-walled causeways leading to stone hoodoos, pillars and platforms. As a writer, Owyhee’s vastness and...

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Tim Davis


I grew up in Adrian. Growing up, I had a view of some of the Owyhee’s most stunning features, Three Fingers and Succor Creek Canyon, from my bedroom window. We camped, hiked and hunted there. Today, I still live...

Carey 2_Crop

Carey Dixon


I was born and raised in Oregon, and while growing up my family went east when we wanted to get outside. I learned to hunt deer, elk and antelope in eastern Oregon’s rolling sagebrush hills, and my dad and...


David Funk

Business Owner

While the epicenters of my industry reside in the nation’s largest cities, I instead founded a marketing and advertising firm in Eugene in 1980, eventually netting Fortune 500 clients. One of the main reasons I’ve been devoted to staying...

I was born and raised in Oregon and have lived all over the state, choosing Summer Lake as my home. While every corner of the state amazes me, as a writer and artist I get my deepest inspiration from...

Jayne Goodwin_cropped

Jayne Goodwin


I’ve spent nearly my entire life in Oregon — in Deschutes County, in Wasco County, and settling in Klamath County for the last 38 years.  For all of those years, my favorite places to birdwatch, camp, canoe, fish, hike...

mule creek-2

Nate Wilson

Guide and Photographer

In Oregon, we’re incredibly lucky to have access to diverse landscapes. Our state boasts natural beauty from the high desert to the Pacific Coast. As a wilderness guide and professional photographer, I regularly experience our state’s natural wonders. My...

Dave Strahan, Josephine County, Business Owner

David Strahan

Outdoors Business

Thanks to places like the Owyhee Canyonlands, our company, Big Rock Sports, has been in business for over 60 years. People come from near and far to hike, camp, paddle, fish, hunt, and more in southeastern Oregon’s big backyard....

Zach Collier

Zach Collier

Business Owner

My business depends on clean rivers that flow through wild places like the Owyhee Canyonlands. As owner of and guide for a rafting and kayaking outfitting business, Northwest Rafting Company, I have led rafting trips all over the world...

Julie Weikel

Julie Weikel

Large Animal Veterinarian

I’ve spent nearly my entire life in the Great Basin. Born in Winnemucca, Nevada, I worked for decades in Eastern Oregon as a large-animal veterinarian and consultant, helping ranchers to ensure the health of their herds and to make...

JH resize

Jim Hammett


I grew up hunting bobwhite quail in North Carolina, and it is a sad fact that today there are very few quail or places to hunt them in the South – it is a fading memory for all but...

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Jeff McEnroe

Fish Biologist

As a professional fish biologist, I spend a lot of time on our public lands. As an avid fly fisherman, whitewater boater and photographer, I truly understand the value of wild places and have experienced their beauty first hand....

I’ve been active in the Presbyterian Church my whole life, serving as a church elder in Corvallis and then in Bend. And a core tenet of my Christian faith is to treat others as I would wish to be...


Mathieu Federspiel

IT Professional

I first visited the Owyhee Canyonlands some decades ago. It instantly amazed me that an area like this still exists. Having lived in numerous places and driven across much of this continent both for my work as an IT...

Jeff Moore_cropped

Jeff Moore


The Owyhee Canyonlands is one of America’s last best places. I’ve hiked the Honeycombs, camped with family at Three Forks and driven many rugged roads. During my 33 years as a high school history teacher in Bandon, I regularly...


Donna Quinn


An Oregonian by choice, I have been fortunate to live in eastern and western Oregon for several decades. While Astoria in Clatsop County is mostly home these days, the Owyhee Canyonlands belong to all of us and remain a...

Pack Out

Liz Hamilton

Outdoor Business

I grew up fishing with my father and grandfather, learned to hunt with my husband, and now am lucky enough to continue this family – and Northwest – tradition with my daughters and their children. If there is water...


Jesse Laney


As a student and professional in the fields of wildlife science and natural resource management, I recognize the importance of the Owyhee Canyonlands for the habitat it contains. As a father, I understand the importance of passing this incredible...

As a fifth-generation eastern Oregonian I’m a strong supporter of protecting the Owyhee Canyonlands. My great-great-grandparents came to the Burnt River Valley in 1863 and I grew up in a small town south of Baker City – Hereford. I...

Dan VanVactor photo

Dan Van Vactor

Sixth-generation Oregonian

As a sixth-generation Oregonian, the state’s wild and stunning landscapes are embedded in every facet of my life. Whenever I’ve gotten the chance, I’ve spent my free time camping, hiking, rafting and exploring Oregon’s natural treasures like the Owyhee...

Rob Klavins photo

Rob Klavins

Business Owner, Advocate

We’ve lived all over Oregon, but the tremendous, wild public lands of eastern Oregon convinced us to settle down in Wallowa County three years ago. Now, we also consider public lands a cornerstone of our business. Visitors choose our...


Patrick Dunham


Having lived and travelled extensively throughout Eastern Oregon for over 35 years, I was delighted to learn of the interest in protecting the Owyhees. I often have marveled over the Owyhees while hiking the canyons and viewing the unique...

Ten years ago, I moved to Central Oregon to downhill ski. I had retired from 22 years in the U.S. Navy operating nuclear reactors and a follow-on career primarily in nuclear contamination clean-up at the Hanford Reservation in Washington...

Robyn Bio Rogue Scenic_Crop

Robyn Janssen

River Guide

I am a fourth-generation Oregonian and a 20-year river guide. I grew up in the Rogue Basin and have guided rivers all over southern Oregon and beyond. We are surrounded by amazing waterways that provide us with clean water,...

CBC Alex

Alex Carr-Frederick

Business Owner

Oregon’s natural beauty is what drew my husband and me here 14 years ago. We picked Brookings, population 6,336, as the place to settle and eventually launch our dream business – a microbrewery. We like the close-knit fabric of...

I have shared many unforgettable moments with my children in Oregon’s wild areas, scaling snowy summits and exploring deserts and canyons. Away from the distractions of modern life in the beauty of nature, it is easy to make wonderful...


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